Q What do you think of the show "The New Normal"? Does it have a chance of doing more than one season?

A "The New Normal" is holding up pretty well ratings-wise, and NBC ordered a full, 22-episode first season. It's too soon to say if the show will survive to have a second season, but so far the ratings are decent.

As for the quality of "The New Normal," it can be a disjointed muddle. Sometimes the show is hilarious in its political incorrectness; other times it strikes an overly strident tone.

But of all the new shows this fall, "The New Normal" is trying hardest to do something different, to express a different voice than viewers normally hear in prime time. Because of that, it's the new series I'm most excited to see each week, even if I sometimes come away disappointed.

Stars get paid for 'Dancing'

Q Do the celebrity dancers on "Dancing With the Stars" get paid for each week they survive?

A The show's ABC publicist did not return an e-mail responding to the question, but it's safe to say that on most competition shows contestants are paid more the longer they manage to stick around.

Emmy rules are complicated

Q What are the rules for cable shows to be eligible for the Emmys? "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central is an annual winner, but what about foreign-produced shows such as "Doctor Who" and "Copper" on BBC America?

A It's a good question with a complicated answer.

John Leverence, senior vice president of awards for the Television Academy, explains it this way: "The Emmy-eligible distribution platforms are broadcast network, cable (and that includes BBC America), satellite, syndication and Internet.

"As a general rule, any domestic program is eligible to enter the Prime-Time Emmy competition if it is originally, nationally broadcast, cablecast, syndicated or streams in prime time. Also as a general rule, any foreign program is ineligible for the domestic Prime-Time Emmy competition (although eligible for the International competition run by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in New York). A third possibility is a joint production (financially and creatively) between a U.S. and foreign entity, which is eligible in the Prime-Time competition, e.g., 'Masterpiece' programming is a co-production of WGBH/PBS in the U.S. and a foreign entity."

"Copper" is a co-production, making it eligible for the Emmys.

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