It took a nickel here and a dime there, but loose change eventually added up to $35,000, enough to build a memorial to veterans at Oakdale City Hall.

"We've had a lot of ups and downs because money is very tight for projects such as this," said Roger Ball, one of nine committee volunteers who never gave up on the effort. Costs were reduced through volunteer labor, he said.

The public dedication of the Oakdale Veterans Memorial will be at noon Saturday at City Hall, 1584 Hadley Av. N.

To help pay for the project, the committee sold 162 pavers for $75 apiece. The pavers are inscribed with veterans' names, their branches of service and anything else families want to include, Ball said.

Also built nearby was a city police memorial.

About 300 pavers remain for sale and can be purchased by anyone, whether you live in Oakdale or not, he said. They can honor veterans as far back into history as desired.

Paperwork for paver purchase is available at City Hall.