By Tom Horgen

Fourteen years in the downtown nightclub scene almost gives The Lounge grandpa status. I mean, that's old, especially when most clubs fizzle out after three or four years. But the club celebrated its 14th anniversary in style this past weekend with the debut of its remodeled main room.

Owners Brian Bell and Todd Koosmann (who bought the club in 2005) have made some smart moves. For such a long room, I always thought the dance floor was in an awkward place (in the middle of the room, next to the bar). They've rearranged the VIP booths to make way for a larger dance floor in the back of the room. The booths have been moved to the front of the room where VIPs presumably have a better vantage point to "see and be seen." Also: If you remember, there was a small room near the club's front door that always seemed underused. The owners have knocked down a wall, opening the space up to the rest of the club (it contains an "owner's booth" where common folk like us can also mingle).

While nightclubs are supposed to be dark, The Lounge's main room could be excessively dark. So they've lightened things up, adding some white paint here and there, plus some cool new lighting. This seems to have made the room feel larger.

The front room (which plays hip-hop), remains the same.

A party at VIP room of The Lounge in March 2009. /  Star Tribune photo by David Joles






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