Let's be honest: Tasting some of the new foods offered at Target Center this year was NOT the toughest part of our day.


But still, we found it to be a worthwhile venture mainly because we have heard complaints from folks -- and experienced firsthand -- about the lack of appealing food choices at Timberwolves games.

That, it seems, could be a thing of the past.

The organization hosted a "media day" to test out some of the new foods and showcase some old favorites. Among the new items: Crunch's Tater Tot Supreme, a barbecue burger, a Cuban sandwich, a steak sandwich and a 1/2 pound kielbasa called "The Ball Hog." And yes, we asked Nick Heitmeyer from Delaware North, who is overseeing the changes, whether Kevin Love likes the ball hog.

Had to cheapen it.

Seriously, though, these are all worthy additions to the in-game offerings and could actually make us come to a Wolves game for the food instead of actively seeking out other options pre- or post-game. Heitmeyer said the Wolves are conscious of keeping up with other teams in town when it comes to concessions. Delaware North does the concessions for Target Field, and Heitmeyer said the Cuban sandwich and steak sandwich, while not exactly the same as offerings at Target Field, are quite similar at Target Center.

Fan feedback is welcomed now, too, at the United We Eat Twitter account.

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