Waterfowl of North America, Europe, and Asia, Princeton Press, 656 pages with index, hard cover, profusely illustrated, $45


Princeton Press is well-known the quality of the bird identification guides it has published. Most focus on a particular location. This book takes a broad look at waterfowl, helpful for us because of the European and Asian species that stray into the U.S., including Minnesota.


The broad and detailed look at North American species covers with precise detail the waterfowl we commonly (and occasionally) see. 


Author and artist is Sebastien Reeber. He presents textual coverage of the book’s 84 species (plus more than 100 hybrids) that is more than complete. There are 920 illustrations of most plumages of species and subspecies, in flight and standing.


There are over 650 color photos to more closely illustrate the birds as they might be seen in the field. There are 85 distribution maps. 


Minnesota birders do find waterfowl strays from Asia and Europe. This book almost certainly would answer any identification questions. And when there are no accidentals to chase, the book speaks to the amazing variety of waterfowl in these parts of the world, and the striking similarities of some species. Paging through it is an education.



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