New look for MSP? We'll know more on Wednesday,

New look for MSP? We'll know more on Wedneday.

A new airline is coming to MSP's Terminal 2- Humphrey, the Metropolitan Airports Commission announced today. The mystery airline, which MAC said it will name on Wednesday, is an international carrier, but will fly only domestic flights out of MSP, no doubt to destinations with connections to overseas. This will bring the number of commercial airlines serving the airport to 13.

Let's hope that in this case the number proves lucky. I'm rooting for JetBlue, and not  just because it's tail has a cool look. In the most recent Air Quality Rating Report, produced each spring by Purdue University and Wichita State University, JetBlue ranks third, after AirTran and Hawaiian. The ranking is based on Department of Transportation statistics on on-time arrivals, involuntary denied boarding, mishandled luggage and customer complaints. By the way, after JetBlue comes Alaska in fourth place then Southwest, U.S. Airways, Delta, Continental (which will be fully absorbed by United Airlines by the end of the month) and Frontier.