Case in point. My last two club tournaments on the Whitefish Chain and then the next day on the Mississippi. I was fishing with my new bass club: Fat Belly Bassmasters - a club where both the fish and the anglers have something in common. I first joined a bass club back in 1984, my daughter was just born and taking time away to go fishing wasn't appreciated. So, by joining a club that fished only once a month, I was guaranteed that I'd get out on the water at least a few times that summer. Even though I still fish a few money tournaments, club fishing is by far the best.

I did great on Whitefish, pulled a limit and hooked the big fish of the day, then on day two I zipped. See what I mean by humility and fishing? My higher power let me have just a taste of glory, and then said OK Vern time to learn some more about being humble. Darn, on Saturday I though, maybe I should turn Pro, but on Sunday I was parking trucks and loading boats. I heard a saying about fishing on Sundays, that it was better to be fishing and thinking spiritual thoughts, then it was to be in a church and thinking about fishing. I suspect there is something to this. 

Next Sunday, I'm fishing with a Junior Bass Club, the Bassinators. Kids from ages 8 or 9 all the way up to 17 and 18. A bunch of us so called grown up guys, bring our boats and each take two or three kids out. The kids are in charge. They pick the locations, lures, presentations and some even run the trolling motor. I don't even get to fish. It isn't hard to find kids, both boys and girls who want to go fishing, the hard part is finding the boaters willing to devote a day to being there for the kids. I've got some secret information I usually share with the younger anglers, the first secret is that fish love to ride in boats. Most people don't know this. But after a catch and release tournament the fish get together and discuss what type of boat they rode in. I suspect the younger fish like the fast boats, Skeeter, Stratos, and Bass Cats. But the really big fish; the fat belly bass they like the Rangers, Champions , ProCraft and Lund.  

The second secret is about the three most important issues in fishing... but more about that in my next blog.

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