The real draw

Reality takes a holiday in "Undone," the first episodic series that applies rotoscope animation, the same technique Richard Linklater used in his film "A Scanner Darkly." The humanlike squiggles are interesting, but they eventually take a back seat to Rosa Salazar's performance as a young woman slowly discovering she can control time and space with the help of her deceased father, played by Bob Odenkirk.

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The old college try

ESPN is celebrating the 150th anniversary of college football with two docuseries, starting with "The American Game," a project that works overtime to appeal to non-pigskin fans. The first episode focuses on the sport's culture, which means that marching bands and mascots get more screen time than the actual players. Thursday marks the premiere of "The Greatest," a weekly countdown of everything from uniforms to rivalries.

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Get smart

"The Mind, Explained" proves that science can be fun, as long as you get Emma Stone to narrate and refer to pop culture touchstones like "The Wizard of Oz," "A Christmas Carol" and the comedy of Minnesotan Maria Bamford. If you want to learn more about the mind without getting a headache, this series is a no-brainer.

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Neal Justin