randolphloveKevin Love and Zach Randolph are power forwards who swallow up rebounds. Their overall games are different — Love has more range, Randolph is more of a banger — and they are certainly at different stages in their careers with Love at age 25 and Randolph at age 32.

But while all the talk around Love centers around him leaving Minnesota — just as Randolph did when he was traded to New York after spending his first six years in Portland — the chatter around Randolph now is much different.

Memphis represents the next level up for the Wolves after respectability — a team that routinely contends for and makes the playoffs while posing at least a threat to advance. And Randolph wants to be there, agreeing to a player option for next season and reportedly adding another two-year deal on top of that. The deal starting in 2015-16 will reportedly be for two years, $20 million.

“This is where I want to be,” Randolph said.

Love? Eh, not so much. While Ricky Rubio tweeted a welcome to first-round pick Zach LaVine last night, Love was tweeting about the draft but made no mention of the fellow UCLA product or anything Wolves-related. When asked which Wolves player they were most looking forward to playing with on Friday, both LaVine and second-round pick Glenn Robinson III said Rubio. Maybe they’re just excited about his passes. Or maybe they can read between the lines like the rest of us and know Love probably won’t be their teammate for long.

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