Country mandates measles vaccine

Parents in Germany must vaccinate their children against measles or face fines of several thousand euros under a law that aims to stop the spread of a disease that has returned in recent years after decades of decline. The law is to take effect from March next year. Health officials in Germany have recorded 501 cases of measles this year, despite the existence of vaccines that are proven to be safe and effective.


Emergency declared for flooded Venice

Italy’s Cabinet declared a state of emergency for the city of Venice after the worst flooding in more than half a century devastated shops, churches, monuments and other areas of the historic tourist destination. The Cabinet approved $22 million in emergency aid for the UNESCO World Heritage city.

Dominican Republic

American teacher found dead at home

Police in the Dominican Republic are investigating the death of an American teacher found in her apartment, dragging the country back into the spotlight after a series of unexplained tourist deaths this year drew international attention. The body of Patricia Anton, 63, was found in her apartment in the resort town of Puerto Plata, where she worked as a teacher. Authorities said she appeared to have been strangled. She was robbed of a computer, a TV and shoes. Anton, who was from Michigan, had lived in Puerto Plata for over 15 years.

South Carolina

Life sentence in slaying of first-grader

A school shooter who was 14 when he killed a first-grader on a school playground in South Carolina after killing his father in their home was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Jesse Osborne targeted Townville Elementary School, where he had spent seven years. The shootings took place in 2016.

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