Storm damages Mount Vernon

In a severe storm, George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate suffered a severe mudslide that took out close to 100 feet of a brick wall on the east lawn, just below the 18th-century mansion. The house and other historic structures were intact, but other locations on the estate also suffered water damage. Officials said repairs could cost more than $1 million.


Reward offered for fish dumper

Game wardens are focusing on a serious threat to nature: an invasive fish species that eats all the other fish prized by anglers and then turns cannibalistic. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is offering a $10,000 reward to help nab the person who apparently dumped northern pike in Comins Lake, a popular fishing spot near Great Basin National Park.

New Jersey

Trump approves $2 billion for VA

President Donald Trump signed an emergency spending bill that will pump $2 billion into a program that allows veterans to receive private medical care at government expense.


15 killed by suicide bomber

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted a military truck, killing eight soldiers and seven civilians in Quetta. A military statement said the bomb also wounded 25 people, including 15 civilians. The explosives sparked fires nearby.


Postelection violence kills 24

In an escalation of violence, police fired live ammunition at rioters and used tear gas on vehicles carrying opposition officials trying to enter a Nairobi slum where they have strong support. A watchdog group said that police gunfire has killed 24 people since Tuesday’s disputed vote.


Four UAE soldiers killed in crash

The United Arab Emirates said that four of its soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash while taking part in a Saudi-led campaign targeting Shiite rebels. The area has seen U.S. airstrikes targeting Yemen’s local branch of Al-Qaida. In June, the U.S. military’s Central Command said a strike there killed Abu Khattab al-Awlaqi, the leader of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

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