Great white shark gives family a scare

A family fishing in Cape Cod Bay had an up close and personal encounter with a great white shark that leapt out of the water to snatch a fish they had caught right off the line. Doug Nelson of Franklin, who caught the leaping shark on video on Saturday, said the shark "gave us a pretty good scare." His son Jack can be seen on the video jumping back as the shark breaches the water's surface.


U.S.: Immigration enforcement progressing

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged during a meeting Sunday that Mexico has made significant progress on migration enforcement, Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said. The foreign secretary said that due to these advances, Mexico sees no need to negotiate a "safe third country" agreement with Washington that would require migrants to apply for asylum in Mexico rather than in the U.S.

Costa RICA

19 die after drinking adulterated liquor

Costa Rica has confirmed 19 deaths from consumption of alcohol tainted with methanol. The Health Ministry has so far counted 14 men and five women who have died after drinking adulterated liquor since early June. The victims ranged from 32 to 72 years old. Government officials have seized around 30,000 bottles from brands suspected of containing methanol. Liquor sellers sometimes dilute products with toxic methanol to increase profit margins or raise alcohol content.


Suicide bomber kills 9, injures 30

A female suicide bomber struck outside a hospital in Pakistan on Sunday as the wounded were being brought in from an earlier shooting against police, in a complex assault claimed by the Pakistani Taliban that killed nine people and wounded 30.

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