How do I submit my photo?

If you have a recent color photo of yourself in jpeg form, please upload it at The file cannot be larger than 1.2 megabytes. Remember that your photo will be adjacent to those of your competitors, so provide the best quality possible. 

I’ve submitted my information. What happens now?

Your submission will be posted online two weeks prior to the General Election on November 8th. We will not be checking the submissions for misspellings or typos before they are published online, so make sure you have reviewed your material carefully before submitting it. We reserve the right to edit for taste, accuracy and fairness.

What if I want to change something?

Due to the volume of submissions and to be fair to all candidates, you will be granted access to edit your profile on October 4th through October 6th. Post October 6th, no edits will be accepted.

Will everything you asked for be published?

Your name, age, website, background statement, essay and endorsements will appear on For some races, the same information may be published in the newspaper. The Star Tribune reserves the right to use your information or photo at any time in the newspaper or on its website. Other information on the form, such as phone numbers, is for our internal use only. This information will not be published or posted.

How do I contact you?

Voter’s Guide questions should be addressed to:

Susan Hilliard