Muskie fishing is an addiction, it's as simple as that.  Our sport is unique, exciting, passionate, addictive, and more importantly, it is growing.  Growing at a rate that is alarmingly cool.  If you've fished a muskie lake in Minnesota the last couple of years, then obviously you know what I'm talking about.  It is hard to look across any muskie pond without seeing a boat with guys standing up casting huge lures.  We are everywhere!  While this is awesome stuff, it's important to remember where it all came from, and what we can do to protect our resource.

Coming up on Saturday October 2, one of the most instrumental fisherman to our sport is being honored and celebrated by another instrumental muskie supporting organization.  I know that sounded like a lot of instrumental talk, but in reality, Muskies Inc. has really done a lot to give us the opportunities that we have to fish muskies in the metro area of our state.  Not only that, but they are having a fishing tournament to honor the legendary muskie angler named George Wahl who was an important part in bringing our favorite fish to our lakes.  This tournament is two-fold.  To remember and honor the legacy of George Wahl, and to continue the stocking efforts of our local lakes and muskie fisheries.  Yep, that's right.  The more people that fish this tournament, the more money that goes back into our muskie fishery.  It seems simple right?  Well Muskies Inc. needs our support to make it a success.  All we have to do is sign up to fish in the tournament.  All the money, that's right, 100% of our entry fee of $50, will go to support the muskie fishery in our metro lakes.  Once you are signed up, you will be able to choose between the top 12 muskie lakes in the metro, and there are $5,000 worth of prizes to win.  Catch a muskie, win a prize and put more muskies in our lakes!  Hmmm.... that sounds like a good day to me!

I know this might have sounded like a bit of an advertisement to you, but this is one of the few opportunities that we get as "muskie nuts" to help our own cause.  Plus I think it will be a fun day on the water.  Click here if you would like to learn more about the upcoming event.  See you on the water!

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