Eva Longoria (AP Photo)

Eva Longoria (AP Photo)

MTV European Music awards awarded just who you’d think: Americans and Canadians. Hence the name, I guess.
Americans have cleaned up at the MTV Europe Awards in Madrid, as Lady Gaga picked up three top prizes and awards crowned Katy Perry, Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber and half a dozen US outfits.


The US diva Lady Gaga received her trophies, for female artist of the year, best pop act and best song for "Bad Romance", on stage in the Hungarian capital Budapest where she was performing to a packed concert audience.


"This means so much to me. Europe I love you," Lady Gaga, who bagged a slew of prizes at the US version of the awards in September, told fans via a live link, switching between sets from a leopard bodice to a see-thru nurse outfit.

Wonder how she defines Europe, though. Does she include Russia, whose history has been characterized by a yearning desire to join the West, as well as a sullen rejection of European identification? Does Gaga love all of Europe equally, or does she love Montenegro slightly more than Ireland? We have to know so we can understand her intentions. 

MTV also presented US rockers Bon Jovi, who have sold over 125 million albums worldwide, with a Global Icon prize.


"Thanks for making us icons," frontman Jon Bon Jovi said upon receiving the award.

Well, what else can one say to that.  If you’re wondering if anyone wore clothing made out of butchered lifestock, fear not:

(In the) fashion finale, Longoria waddled onstage in a life-size tribute to the "meat dress" -- made entirely of raw steak -- which Lady Gaga wore to the September MTV music awards in the United States.


Longoria's reply, the "Jamon Iberico" or Spanish Ham dress, was shaped like a fleshy leg of cured ham, with only her head poking out of its centre.

Expect them to do it all over again in a couple of months and call it MTV African Music Awards. Katy Perry will get Best Single.

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