Here’s the new “Twilight” trailer trotted out at the MTV awards. In related news: there are still MTV awards, and they’re as edgy as ever:

The MTV Movie Awards was more like "The Team Edward Show."

 "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson sucked up the spotlight — and some popcorn-shaped trophies — at Sunday's shenanigan-packed ceremony. Among the goofy actor's moments: winning three different awards, unexpectedly kissing co-star Taylor Lautner, and slipping the F-word past censors when presenting Reese Witherspoon with the special MTV Generation Award.

 The ceremony was filled with several awkward moments. Sudeikis spent most of his opening monologue cracking jokes about the revelations that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a housekeeper. He also poked fun at singer-actress Selena Gomez, who embarrassingly hid her face from the cameras as he scolded her for kissing fellow teen sensation Bieber and swallowing "three of his baby teeth." Later, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake cupped each other's genitals while presenting Pattinson with the best male performance trophy.

Oooh, someone said the F-word once on TV? There will be heads rolling at corporate today. Once? Only once? You idiot, I told you to permit three F-words! How else is this misbegotten mess of corporate marketing going to look relevant?”

 About the trailer, says:

here’s what we know: Bella and Edward marry, honeymoon in Brazil and make sweet vampire love, Jacob takes his shirt off, and vampire fetuses kick much harder than human fetuses.

You’d think a vampire fetus wouldn’t want to be born. It’s like waking up at Old Country Buffet.



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