On Sunday Whistleblower wrote about 10 of the 104 residential building contractors disciplined by the Department of Labor and Industry for misconduct in the first half of 2013.

Some contractors accepted downpayments but failed to do any work or return the money. Some did shoddy work and failed to fix it. Others failed to take out permits or received insurance payouts for certain work but provided something different.

Of the 10 contractors, two provided work to a total of three north Minneapolis homeowners whose houses suffered damage when a tornado ripped through the area in 2011. The contractors signed up the residents the same day the tornado hit or a couple days later.

Whistleblower asked the department if it has kept a tally of the number of tornado victims who contacted the state about the work done by contractors they had hired.

The answer: 23.

If you have a complaint about the work a contractor has done for you and want to alert the state, click here or call 651-284-5069

Here's some advice from the department if you find yourself needing a contractor after disaster hits.

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