Five new principal assignments have been named in Minneapolis district schools, with the top jobs in 11 schools yet to be filled, in part due to an administrative reshuffle announced May 23.

The reassigned principals are Cheryl Martin, who moved from Kenwood to Bethune, replacing Melissa Jackson; Renee Montague, moving from Bryn Mawr to reopen Cityview; Karon Cunningham, moving middle schools from Olson to prepare for reopening Franklin in 2015; Merry Tilleson, moving from assistant principal for Lake Harriet’s upper campus to head the lower campus, and Jonathan Luknic, moving from coordinator of the Office of New Schools to Pillsbury.

The list of principal assignments is eagerly awaited by parents. It is being announced weeks later than normal this year.  That’s partly because the district just named four principals to the ranks of associate superintendent in a move designed to give people at that rank fewer schools on which to concentrate.  That leaves vacancies at Windom, Sullivan and Anthony schools.

The other schools where principals haven’t been named include South High School, perhaps the district’s biggest unresolved gap, Barton, Bryn Mawr, Harrison, Kenwood, Nellie Stone Johnson, Olson and Webster, which won’t open for 15 months.

The district hopes to announce a new South principal within a week, filling a vacancy created last August when Cecilia Saddler was made associate superintendent.  The district was able to cross another major principal vacancy off its list last month when it named Rhonda Dean to head Washburn High School; she is the sole principal so far to be hired from outside the district, although more still are possible.