the last exorcism part ii

Reading the tea leaves on "The Last Exorcism Part II" (PG-13 for horror violence and brief language) yields a murky result. On the plus side, there's producer Eli Roth's rock-solid grasp of horror-film shock tactics. He did give us the mind-scarring "Cabin Fever" and the "Hostel" films, after all. The original "Last Exorcism," focusing on a cynical, faithless preacher drawn into a (possibly) genuine supernatural event was surprisingly well-received. And this sequel promises to take the mock-documentary style of the original scarefest into good old-fashioned narrative territory, which is refreshing. Enough with the "found footage" already. Then again, they're not showing the film to reviewers, a strategy that correlates negatively to the quality of the film in question. And besides, isn't a sequel to "The Last Exorcism" a contradiction in terms? We'll post a review at as soon as one pops up.