The League of Human Decency apparently was unable to prevent the manufacture of this sequel to one of filmdom's biggest gross-outs. The original "Human Centipede" introduced Dr. Heiter's "100 percent medically accurate" daisy chain of surgically connected humans. The black-and-white followup features a bug-eyed, obese, nonverbal and nearly affect-free copycat who fills a filthy warehouse with victims. In a clever touch, Martin (Laurence Harvey) pauses between his crowbar-wielding exertions to take hits from an asthma inhaler. It's not clear what director Tom Six was going for, because his budget gore-fest is neither scary, campy nor funny. One is left to ponder: How did Six convince actors to participate in this project, and who would dare skulk into a public moviehouse to view it? Midnight Fri. and Sat. at the Uptown Theater in Minneapolis.