Since “Paranormal Activity” proved that regular-issue townhouses can be made to feel as creepy as gothic castles (and way cheaper to use as sets), the spooks-in-the-suburbs subgenre has been on a roll. This week’s entry, not screened for review, is “Dark Skies” (PG-13 for violence, terror throughout, sexual material, drug content and language, all involving teens). The trailer offers cryptic hints that the poltergeist-y goings-on are controlled by space aliens who prefer unexplained noises, possession-like trances and sudden angry bird attacks to the traditional death ray. The cast includes the often wonderful Keri Russell (“Waitress”) as the mother of a terrorized family whose youngest boy compulsively turns household products into eerie art installations. Whether she will be able to redeem the story is an open question. But the trailer glimpse of Russell, blank-eyed and rhythmically pounding her forehead against a pane of window glass, does not encourage hope. We’ll have a review online at startribune.com/movies directly.