The mother who triggered an Amber Alert this week is now facing felony criminal charges.

Yusra Abumayaleh, 30, of Anoka, was charged Friday with deprivation of custodial rights. She took her 15-month-old daughter, who was no longer in her legal custody, from a day care Thursday in Anoka County. The girl was found safe a few hours later after an Amber Alert was issued.

Earlier this month, Abumayaleh lost custody of her two children after the county filed a Child in Need of Protection petition. She later filed an order of protection on behalf of the children and received temporary custody, according to the criminal complaint filed Friday. She didn’t tell the court the children had been removed from her house.

The county removed the children again three days later. Abumayaleh was upset that they were going to be placed in a foster home. She told the social worker she was going to kill herself, the charges said.

When police went to move the children to their new foster home, they learned Abumayaleh had taken the toddler from day care. Police located the car, which had new license plates. The girl was in the back seat.

She remains jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail.

County Attorney Tony Palumbo said he’s “grateful that the young child was found unharmed.”