Jim Prokopanko, CEO

Total compensation: $3,263,890 for the year ended May 31, 2008

Salary: $808,333

Non-equity incentive pay: $1,912,500

Other compensation: $304,351

Exercised stock options: $238,706

New stock options: 83,433

Total return to shareholders: 256.7 percent

Note: Benefiting from increased global demand for agricultural commodities and fertilizer to grow them, Prokopanko got a non-equity incentive bump 96 percent higher than in fiscal 2007. The compensation plan did not remain static. For fiscal 2009, the compensation committee examined its compensation plan and changed the comparison group it uses for setting executive compensation and the mix of financial measures that determine annual incentive to better reflect Mosaic's current size and scope.

The new incentive plans were adjusted to "help motivated employees to capture the benefit of the current exceptional agricultural market opportunities for our stockholders."