Jim Prokopanko, CEO of Plymouth-based Mosaic Co., announced that he had recently been diagnosed with cancer but will continue ­leading the big fertilizer company.

Prokopanko, 60, is undergoing chemotherapy. "While this is a serious matter, the good news is that I'm feeling well and my doctors have informed me that I was diagnosed at an early stage," Prokopanko said in a statement the company released late Thursday. "I remain committed to my job."

He said he plans to work a regular schedule in Ply­mouth, but will limit his travel in the coming months as he tends to his condition.

Since 2007, Prokopanko has been CEO of Mosaic, one of the world's largest fertilizer makers. It does about $9 billion in annual sales and has major operations in Saskatchewan, where it mines potash, and Florida, where it mines phosphate.

Mike Hughlett