Justin Morneau was up front and honest when he reported to camp and said his career was in jeopardy if he continued to have symptoms. He also said he expected to have a good year.

The first statement raised eyebrows and made headlines. Morneau was asked this morning for his reaction to the reaction, and shrugged his shoulders like he usually does.

``I was asked a question, I gave an honest answer and that was it,'' he said.

``You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if the stuff continues I probably wouldn't be able to play again. It wasn't anything other than stating the obvious.

``I also said that I don't expect that to happen. I don't anticipate that to happen. That's something that's in the back, maybe five percent, of my mind. But you have to, obviously, you have to look at all the options and everything that's happened.''

Morneau looks and sound pretty good. He hit a couple balls over the fence yesterday during batting practice. The home run off of Francisco Liriano didn't tip off (pitchers in early b.p. sessions usually inform the batter what's coming), so Morneau was pleased that he was able to react to the pitch. Plus, it was Frankie throwing, so who can be sure where the ball is going this early in camp.

Morneau was told he seems more like himself this camp than he did last year.

``I think I kinda have a better idea of how I feel and what I need to do every day to try to prepare,'' he said. ``Try to take it slowly, force myself to take it slowly because stuff (last year) dragged on longer than it should have.''


The Twins will go through situational drills (bunt plays, etc.) today. Only a few pitchers are throwing live batting practice, so the lads are sensing a short day. This is the first time there has been a 11th day of camp, so I'm guessing the staff  wants them get the extra work in but not overdo it.

Today was drug testing day for members of the 40-man roster.

Glen Perkins and Brian Duensing said they are scheduled to pitch on Saturday, in the spring training opener against the Rays.



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