I still remember my first experience with morels....working for Ron Schara we had a steady supply of generous mushroom hunters who would share their spoils.

At RSP we ran the occaisional story which taught me to look for dead elms...so last weekend after a failed attempt to get my wife her first turkey, I turned to mushroom hunting and found my first one. I've been told if you find one you'll find more and that proved to be true...we didn't hunt hard, turkey or morels, and found a total of four.

Flash forwardt to today when I had to return to the same location of our turkey hunt to recover my ground blind. I brought intern extraordinarie, Seth Bartodziej, who had never found his own morels before. I was pretty confident we'd put him on his first morel which happened pretty quickly. We recovered the blind and were on our way out of the woods when I saw a shroom out of the corner of my eye. Seth went in to recover it and found another, and another, and another...and says "you may want to see this...." We discovered the motherload....at least 60 morels and most great sized.


Seth finds Minnesota Gold!

Safe to say, the morel season has created at least two hunting addicts!

Happy Hunting!


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