I put the 12-foot snowdrift in our front yard on Craigslist. So far no takers. High-quality, Aspen-like snow, never been used. It's blocking our mailbox, which has cut down on bills in recent days. One silver lining.

At 31.5 inches, February 2019 is the 10th-snowiest month on record in the Twin Cities. Will we break the record of 46.9 inches from November 1991? Like many of you, I'll take the Halloween Superstorm to my grave. No, I don't think we'll see that much in the next week, but an inch or two may fall tonight; another 2-4 inches Saturday night, as a major storm tracks south and east of Minnesota. A few models print out a foot of snow for parts of southeastern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Unusually cold weather follows the storm next week, with temperatures as much as 20-25F below average. Not polar vortex territory, but chilly weather spills into the first week of March.

Look at the bright side: We've picked up two hours of daylight since Dec. 21, three additional minutes of daylight daily! At some point, all this snow will melt.