In light of the deadly Chetek, Wis., tornado, I reviewed Minnesota's regulations. Manufactured home parks with 10 or more homes, licensed after March 1, 1988, must provide a storm shelter within the park. But parks licensed prior to March 1, 1988, must provide either a shelter on the premises or evacuation plans to a storm shelter close to the park. Huh? "Storm shelters are expensive!" So are brakes, but car manufacturers still include them with every purchase. When tornadoes hit these manufactured home parks, damage is extensive. Forty-four percent of the 1,091 Americans killed by tornadoes from 1985 to 2005 died in mobile homes.

Tuesday's rain was muddy, possibly the result of a "heat burst" in southwestern Minnesota lofting freshly tilled topsoil into the air, then coming down during heavy showers. Bizarre. We dry out later today, but more showers arrive Friday; heavier rain Saturday. Another 1-2 inches of rain may fall before skies try to brighten up on Sunday. Fifties give way to 60s and 70s next week. Keep an eye out for muddy showers.