A fishing buddy of mine and I got out for about 5 hours this past Saturday on Pool 2.  I am kind of getting addicted to this section of the river for a couple reasons; close to home and offers a large variety of water type and cover.


I decided to head way north to the top of Pool 2 to investigate a few areas I had researched.  My Akinetix beanie cap was a nice option to keep my ears warm on that long run from Lion's Levee. We made on quick stop at a culvert that was spilling water into the river, nothing happened there.  The next area was a little pocket off the main river, were I was able to catch an 18" smallmouth and 2 largemouth bass on 3" Black Tubes with 1/4oz Tungsten weight.  I also missed two bites and my partner missed one as well.


We left that area and found another backwater area.  The highlight of that area was catching a 14" crappie of log jam with my 3/8oz Tru-Tungsten jig, PB&J color with a green pumpkin chunk.  The funny thing is, he hit it just like a bass, my line jumped and he engulfed that large bait to the back of his throat.  I also caught one nice chunk largemouth in this area.  I tried a few more areas, no more action, time to head down river to look for fish closer to the landing.


Fished a few areas, caught a few small bass.  The last dead end cut we fishing I caught a nice bass and an 18" walleye of an old boat ramp in 4ft of water on the same jig.  The PB&J jig proved to be a multi-species winner this trip!


I was irritated that my camera phone would not cooperate and I did not get a picture of the smallmouth, crappie or walleye L  I need to get a dedicated digital camera for my boat, any suggestions?

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