In the Vikings' quest to upgrade their roster, they might have a little more flexibility than previously thought. According to an ESPN report, the cap is increasing by about 5 percent to $130 million for 2014. That's higher than anticipated — teams were told in December that the cap would be $126.3 million, according to CBS Sports.

That gives the Vikings — and everyone else, of course — more wiggle room. Spotrac estimates they are now $32 million under the cap. Some of that money will go to retaining their own free agents and signing draft picks, but regardless it's close to an extra $4 million with which to play.

big surprise

No. 1-ranked Syracuse's loss to 7-19 Boston College was so huge that wonders if it was the biggest upset ever.

good trade Evan Turner will thrive in Indiana after being traded from Philadelphia because the pressure is now off, says