Lindy Vincent was raised in Cleveland, Ohio where she was educated in a private girls’ school. She was raised in a single-parent home with an older sister and a mother who worked her way through college as an adult, and went on to become the assistant dean of student affairs at Case Western Reserve University. Her sister, Joy, is two years older than she is, and they were both expected to pursue higher education as a means to a better life.

Early in her undergraduate studies, Vincent, always interested in health and living things, decided to seek a career in biology. She majored in Human Biology at Stanford University, graduating in 1988. After taking some time to work in corporate America, she changed the course of her career to pursue a career in marketing and was awarded a fellowship to the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where she earned her MBA in 1993.

Vincent has spent the bulk of her career as a marketer for such renowned companies as General Mills, General Electric, Sara Lee and Target. In 2007, with the birth of her third child, Lindy decided to take a break and remain at home to care full-time for her three children as Mom-in-Chief. Throughout her life,  Vincent has remained physically active and interested in health and fitness, with a focus on running. She has completed several 5K and10k races as well as a few half marathons, and ran the Twin Cities marathon in 2003. She continues to run today.

Recently, Vincent decided to take her passion for health and fitness one step further by becoming a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer. With her business acumen and passion for health and fitness, she recently opened a personal training business, Moxie Fitness, which provides personal training services to time-crunched, health-conscious people. Additionally, she is a coach for Team Beach Body, the creator of numerous well-known exercise DVDs and nutritional supplements. Vincent believes that everyone deserves a chance to be healthy and fit.

Her goal, in addition to growing her personal training business, is to found a non-profit organization that serves the low-income communities of the Twin Cities through evangelizing nutrition and exercise. She is married to Anton Vincent; they have 3 children: Chase, Dylan and Peyton.

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