Stormy Week. The latest numbers are in, and all I can say is enjoy this afternoon's 60-degree sunshine. A long-fuse storm is brewing for Tuesday - Thursday, mostly rain (some 1-2" amounts possible), possibly mixing with a little slushy snow by Wednesday morning, especially north/east of the MSP metro area. I want to stress that MOST of the precipitation will fall as a cold rain, and even if it does snow Wednesday roads should stay wet. We don't dry out until late Thursday and Friday before the next storm arrives with more showery rains Friday night into Saturday. A stormy week, yes, but at least we're on the cold, stable, northern side of the storm track (translation: no tornadoes to worry about). Yes, it could be worse: another major tornado outbreak is predicted from Mississippi River Valley to the east coast this week. Annoying? You bet, but slush won't take your roof off.

Trending Wetter. Every run seems to increase the amount of rain predicted for MSP, the latest 12z morning run of the NAM model prints out 1.81" liquid, and MOST of that will fall as a cold rain from Tuesday into Thursday. By Wednesday morning the "thickness" over MSP, the average temperatures of the lowest few thousand feet of atmosphere, may be marginally cold enough for some wet snow, especially north/east of the metro area.

Slow-MotionSoaker. Check out some of these predicted rainfall amounts, over 1.5" for the metro with some 2" rainfall amounts possible over the south metro, as much as 2.5 to 3" possible closer to Albert Lea and Worthington, closer to the Iowa border. The heaviest rains arrive tomorrow, but showery rains may spill over into Thursday morning, based on the latest guidance. No, you won't have to worry about watering your lawn (or irrigating your field) anytime soon.

Bleep-Worthy Map. I was hoping not to have to show you another predicted snowfall map until sometime in October, but the atmosphere just isn't cooperating. The metro area may be on the edge of any accumulating slush Wednesday morning, the best chance of a few inches closer to Ea Claire and Hayward, Wisconsin. If you're driving east on I-94 Wednesday morning you may run into some slow travel due to this (freak) late April snow. Good grief.

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1-2" Rain (small risk of Wednesday slush)