Airport growth - noise included - draws scrutiny:  The proposed $1.5 billion expansion would increase airplane noise for thousands of metro homes. Most of them received sound-proofing from the airport and won't get additional help. But 1,131 in Minneapolis are expected to get subsidized sound-proofing. (Pat Doyle)

City, landlord work on deal: The city has been trying for more than a year to get Spiros Zorbalas out of the landlord business, after frequent complaints from tenants and numerous housing code violations at his buildings. Zorbalas has fought the city in court. Caught in the middle were his tenants, who would be forced to move if the city followed through on its revocation of Zorbalas' rental licenses. (Randy Furst)

Bridge, road projects push Hennepin OT bill to $5.3 million: The new Lowry Avenue bridge and other major transportation projects helped increase Hennepin County's overtime bill 8.8 percent from the year before, according to a Star Tribune analysis. (Kevin Duchschere) An interactive list of the top overtime-earners is here.

Henry High student sues over restraint: A lawsuit says that the officer tried to strangle 18-year-old. Cop says he was protecting himself and didn't harm the student. (Randy Furst)

Spreading awareness about ash borer before it spreads: Volunteers hung data tags in Powderhorn Park on Saturday to underscore the devastation that emerald ash borers could cause. (Kelly Smith)

Man with cerebral palsy is missing after attending Twins game Sunday (Paul Walsh)

Suspects sought in car-jacking case that included attack with a high-heeled shoe (Matt McKinney)