We got back from Arizona late, late Saturday. Sorry, Stu, we didn't make it to your brother's excellent pub. Thanks to lattewarrior for suggestions on tourism activities. But sorry, we didn't do much except attend a wedding, get dehydrated and lay by/in the hotel pool (picture from our vantage point ... it was like an MTV Spring Break scene there on Saturday. The Arizona Cardinals cheerleader tryout hopefuls were rumored to be staying at our hotel. No, seriously).

Good times were had by all, and perhaps the best news was that we were back on the comfort of our couch for two innings of bliss -- highlighted, of course, by Jason Kubel's slam and Jon Rauch making a believer out of us by calmly striking out Derek Jeter, Brett Gardner and Mark Teixeira after giving up a pair of "oh no" singles.

Given the Twins' struggles at Yankee stadium, their struggles with the bases loaded, how good Mariano Rivera is, potential postseason sentiments ... on and on ... we ask this question: where did yesterday's win rank in terms of Ron Gardenhire-era regular-season Twins victories?

Obviously, if we're counting Game 163 last year as part of the regular season -- it counts for the stats -- then that still has the top spot. It just has to. The final regular season game of 2006 is way up there as well. This crazy game from 2003 sticks out as well.

But what else is there? We're obviously forgetting a bunch. Throw them out there and rank them up in the comments. Hey, at least you can stop thinking about the 1998 Vikings now.

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