There are those who would like to downgrade, dismiss or even cheapen the 6-4 records accumulated to this point by both the Gophers football team and the Vikings.

Soft schedules, they say. Wake us up when they beat somebody good. The Gophers still run too much and the Vikings don't run enough.


To a a degree, at least the soft schedule argument holds true. Things stiffen considerably for both the Gophers and the Vikings going forward.

That said, those who are not impressed should at least consider this: defeating mediocre teams is far better than losing to them, which is what happened more often than not last year.

These teams accumulated a combined 6-22 record last season -- three wins apiece. That they have each doubled their total already, with games to play, means that there is no denying progress has been made.

The Gophers are bowl-eligible and will play an extra game and also get 15 extra practices, something Jerry Kill brought up repeatedly in a session with reporters Sunday.

The Vikings have a daunting post-by schedule, but let's not count them out yet. Jay Cutler's concussion last night could be a game-changer in two of those final six contests. The Vikings have a chance any time they are at home. Even Houston is not invincible. While we still think the Vikings will pay for that Tampa Bay loss, they are at least in the playoff hunt with six games to play.

If you want to dismiss all this, we suppose that's your choice. But it probably also means you are the type of fan who is somehow happier when you get to complain rather than cheer.

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