We did a Q&A for today's newspaper of the Twin Cities with Twins pitcher Pat Neshek. By the time he was done answering all of our legitimate questions, there was really no room left to print the more ridiculous questions and answers. We thought it would be a shame if the world didn't get to know more about his taste in music, his thoughts on World of Warcraft, etc. So here we go:

RandBall: I know your time with the Twins only briefly overlapped, but did you ever dominate Lew Ford in a game of World of Warcraft?

Pat Neshek: Lew was in the upper echelon of W.O.W and was so far advanced he could only communicate with people in the upper ranks. Nobody on our team stood a chance with Lew and that game. I get more amused by simple games on NES and old computer games from MECC like Oregon Trail and Number Munchers.

RB: You made a list of music you’ve been listening to recently on your web site. I have to say I had heard of none of the bands, and I consider myself fairly musically diverse. Would you say you prefer Poison the Well, Scar Symmetry or Texas Hippie Coalition if you could only have one of them on your iPod?

PN: Yeah you really have to go out of your way to find out about and like the harder rock/metalcore genre. To tell you the truth most of the stuff is pretty awful to the naked ear but there are songs that really seem to have a great sound and it's really the only stuff I can relate to now. Growing up my favorite stuff was alternative and rap. I think the entire music industry has changed and it's tough to get into stuff now knowing that labels are telling acts what to say and how to play. I guess that's why I like metal the most. Most of the guys will play a show and go home to wake up and grind out a 8-5 at work. Nobody in this genre is getting famous anytime soon for the most part so you know these guys are doing it for the love. Choosing just one ... I would pick a band called Chimaira.

RB: You also offer fans a chance to trade sports cards with you for autographed cards of yourself. Where did you get that idea, and what’s the best card you’ve ever received from a fan?

PN: My whole thing is that I am a collector/autograph hound at heart and I know how much people appreciate autographs and being there to chat with. I mean the game is nothing without anyone watching. When I was younger I would write letters to baseball players hoping for them to sign my card I had of them and put it in the return envelope I supplied. It was the coolest feeling in the world getting back a letter from a baseball player because I thought they didn't talk to fans. I just want to continue on the tradition of how those letters made me feel as a kid and be the best person I can when it comes to fans. The whole trading idea started in 2005. I was never on a prospect list thus the card companies refused to make baseball cards of me. The only cards I got were ones put out by the minor league team I was on. Each day I would get letters from people having me sign pieces of paper saying that they wished they had my card. I decided to write to the card company and they agreed to sell me a ton of my cards. Now that I had cards of myself I told people if they ever needed a signed card of me to send me a card of anyone that played baseball or hockey. Currently I have 9 binders filled with trades from the past couple years. I like to say I have an autograph from every person currently in baseball but I haven't organized my collection in a long time! Lastly for all you readers if anyone needs anything signed by me go to my website at neshek.com, copy the address and be sure to include a return sase!

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