Following up club tourney #1, the very next day we had our 2nd club tourney of 2011.  We launched out of Colvill Park in Red Wing and we could fish all of Pool 4 and bottom of Pool 3.  I had not fished this water since last year and never really fished with water has high as it was on tournament day.  Based on my past experience and familiarity with the water closer to Wabasha, I decided to make the 25 mile run and just go fishing down there.

It did not take long for my partner Kory and I to start plucking fish from dead end cuts with rock and wood cover.  We hopped around, checking spots that I thought would have the right stuff, most of them panned out, with each of catching a pretty decent 4 fish limit, bot having 1 kicker smallie to go with solid largemouth.  I caught all mine on a 4" tube and a 3/8oz jig fished on 17-20lb fluorocarbon on heavy action Dobyns Rods, while Korey got all his on a Tube Craw.

The wind managed to kick up in the afternoon, making for an adventurous return to Red Wing and we drove right into a thunderstorm with driving rain and hail.  We made it safely back to Colvill Marina, just in time to catch a few small keepers that we threw back.

In the end I took 2nd with 12.22lbs for 4 fish and Korey got 4th with 11.26lbs, my big smallie was 3.49lbs.  We easily had the largest combined weight but a few guys found some really nice smallies up near Red Wing to beat us out.  Still a decent tourney, but as Ricky Bobby says "if you are not first, you're last!"

After two tourneys, I am less then a .5lbs out of first in overall standings.  I look to keep up the strong weights on my next 2 tourneys on Medicine & O'Dowd that will be first weekend in June. Learn more about Gopher Bassmaters @

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