A lot happened in 2007: The iPhone came out, Prince played at the Super Bowl, Britney Spears shaved her head, and the last Harry Potter book was released.

So you'd be forgiven for forgetting the iconic release of viral video sensation "Chocolate Rain." Or maybe you're still a super fan.

The video was created by Minneapolis musician Tay Zonday in his apartment, and has been viewed more than 110 million times on YouTube. Viewers were mesmerized by that deep voice on such a baby face. (He was actually 24 at the time.)

Upon its release in 2007, YouTube itself was still relatively new, which made "Chocolate Rain" one of the first true mega-viral videos of the era. We talked with him Wednesday via Skype. (He now lives in California.)

Zonday says he originally put the video on YouTube to get honest feedback about his singing.

"I put it up as an experiment, and I guess it did well," he said. Watch the original:

To commemorate the anniversary of the instant classic, Zonday has released an acoustic version of the song on his YouTube channel:

What's he up to these days? He's doing commercial voice work, and would love to host a game show, he said:

"I always joke if Alex Trebek or Pat Sajak retired that's my line of work."

And any tips for wannabe viral video stars?

"Just be authentic and be yourself. And find your audience that loves the authentic version of you," he said