Shianne, 10, is a very bright and caring older sister. She likes to play volleyball, ride her bike and play on the computer. She is currently working on taking on more responsibilities and trying new things.

Mya, 9, is an energetic, joyful girl who enjoys singing, dancing, coloring and crafts. She likes to attend concerts, parades, park activities and volunteers in the community. Mya is very active in the community and enjoys attending church with her foster parents.

Laila, 8, is an energetic, optimistic, intelligent girl who enjoys singing, dancing, helping cook and watching TV. She likes to attend concerts, parades, park activities, and volunteers in the community with her sister, Mya. Laila enjoys being around other kids her age, and building close connections with adults.

The sisters would benefit from a single- or two-parent family. The girls really value relationships and quality time, so a family that can provide that support and love would be very beneficial. Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.

If you would like more information about adopting Minnesota's Waiting Kids, please call 612-861-7115 or e-mail