Minnesota Department of Revenue officials are plowing through 260,000 income tax returns from Minnesotans who are likely to qualify for additional tax rebates.

Revenue staffers have manually reviewed about 52,000 tax filings and plan to have them finished by June 27.

Between now and then, Minnesotans will either automatically receive an additional refund, or be asked for additional information or be told they need to file an amended return.

“We are making progress,” said Minnesota Department of Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans.

Minnesota revenue officials are scrambling to review individual income taxes filed before Gov. Mark Dayton and legislators passed about $444 million in tax relief, including millions in retroactive tax breaks that got approved in the middle of tax season.

More than 1.1 million Minnesotans filed their income taxes after the new tax law took effect April 1, which means their filings would have come in under the new laws and not required review.

Frans urged Minnesotans to hold off filing applications for additional property tax refunds and renters credits. Legislators are still wrestling over another $100 million in tax breaks that could further change property tax rebates and renters credits.

“If you haven’t filed, please wait,” Frans said.

Revenue officials will begin reviewing property tax refund applications after they finish income tax rebates.

For Minnesotans with questions about the refunds, please call: (651) 296-3781 or (800) 652-9094. Consumers can e-mail questions at: Individual.incometax@state.mn.us.

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