Muslim groups in Minnesota on Wednesday condemnedthe attacks on U.S. diplomatic compounds in Libya and Egypt, calling them horrendous and not reflective of the Muslim faith.

The Islamic Resource Group in Minnesota released a statement that said it was against the violence “in the strongest possible terms.”

“The parties responsible for these events in both nations claimed to be reacting to an online film considered offensive to Islam,” according to IRG’s statement. “As with previous instances of the Danish cartoons or Qur’an burning, it is important to emphasize that it is a greater defamation of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur’an to react with violence and murder of innocent people– one of the greatest sins in Islam–than any claimed insult from an Islamophobic film.”

Makram El-Amin, an imam at the Masjid An-Nur mosque in north Minneapolis where Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison worships, said Wednesday in an interview that members the local Muslim community had also condemned the attacks via social media. El-Amin said the violent acts are not in keeping with the Muslim faith.

“We will stand in unity against these attacks and the appalling killing of the diplomat (U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stephens), who was there on a peaceful mission,” El-Amin said. “We’re totally against this.”

“This is not in any way acceptable in our religion ... for these kinds of actions to take place. I woke up just shocked at this news. This took me as well as other Americans by surprise.”