Stats on the Twin Cities' rush hour always fascinate me, maybe because the length of my commute has become an essential piece of information in order to keep my family running on schedule. It usually takes 22 minutes to get to and from the Strib by car; 28 minutes by bike. Keeping to that schedule is usually essential for family dinners, soccer carpools, violin lessons, etc. Falling behind is usually a recipe for mayhem. How bad is your commute? Take the quiz below and see how you compare to other workers in the Twin Cities -- at least based on the new results of the 2011 American Community Survey. Answers are at the bottom.

A) What was the median commute to work for solo drivers in the Twin Cities' metro area?

  1. 10 minutes
  2. 17 minutes
  3. 24 minutes
  4. 32 minutes

B) What percent of Twin Cities' workers report heading out to work before 7 a.m.?

  1. 6 percent
  2. 14 percent
  3. 23 percent
  4. 32 percent

C) Which occupational category has the most Twin Cities' workers who commute by public transporation?

  1. Management, business, arts and science occupations
  2. Service occupations
  3. Sales and office occupations
  4. Production, transporation and materials moving occupations

D) Has the average Twin Cities' commute changed since 2007, according to the ACS data?

  1. Yes.
  2. No.


A) 24 minutes. Not too bad, all things considered. 5 percent of Twin Cities' commutes last more than an hour, though. The average commute using (non-taxi) public transporation was 39 minutes.

B) 32 percent. Congratulations to all you early risers. Freaks!

C) Management, business, arts and science occupations. 41 percent of commuters using public transporation work in this occupational category.

D) Like bad traffic itself, the commute times in the Twin Cities are stagnant. Average commute times haven't changed a bit in five years.


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