The Minneapolis school board approved a new timeline for the search of its next superintendent.
At a meeting Tuesday, the board voted on a plan that is drastically different from its first search, which began more than a year ago and ended with the board rescinding its offer to one candidate and another candidate withdrawing his application.
“It’s very clear that we have lost the community’s trust,” said board member Tracine Asberry.
Previously, the board hired a national search firm to recruit, vet and interview candidates. The firm then presented six finalists to the public and the board. 
Now the board plans to undertake much of that work. 
The board will hire a new search firm, which will likely be based in Minnesota. The firm will not be in charge of recruiting or extensively vetting the new candidates. Instead it will act mostly as a contact for those interested in applying.
The nine-member board voted to hire someone to organize community meetings with the board so the board members could receive feedback from parents, teachers, students and other community members during the search process.
The board also intends to create a hiring committee that will vet applicants. The committee will include up to five community members, three board members and one student representative. The board did not determine Tuesday who will be on the committee or how it will select the community members. 
The board plans to select a new superintendent by May.