The rental licenses for two Minneapolis properties were revoked by the City Council on Friday.
California resident Robert Faison lost his license for a property at a single family home at 4105 5th Av. S. after code violations discovered on May 11, 2011 went uncorrected.
Since 2009 Faison has been fined $6,430 for 14 uncorrected violations including deteriorating walls, “combustible materials and rodent harborages,” unmowed grass, broken handrails as well as unpaid inspection fees.
Keith Lentz lost his rental license for a two-unit property at 1919 10th Av. S. for failing to pay a $1,325.75 civil judgment against him. City records indicated Lentz “wrongfully” withheld $750 of a renter’s security deposit.

Read the Lentz "finding of facts" here.

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