Big ideas: Would institute a “zero tolerance” policy for downtown crime and offer incentives for problem-free bars. Wants to fund road paving with a 1 cent per gallon sales tax on gas.

Big accomplishment: Saved the historic Shubert Theater by orchestrating its move down Hennepin Avenue in 1999.

Weakness/ baggage: Some of the projects she led while on the council, such as the purchase of Target Center and development of Block E, are now considered costly blunders. Post-council years as lobbyist for entities doing business with the city may be perceived as conflicts of interest if elected. She has ceased City Hall lobbying during the campaign.

Personal: Married to attorney F. Clayton Tyler, who chairs the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority board. They have one daughter and live in the Willard Hay neighborhood.

Supporters that matter: Former Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, County Commissioner Linda Higgins.

Stadium position: Supports the stadium overall, praising it as a jobs creator, particularly for union members and minorities. Opposed financing it with gambling revenues.

Quotable moment: “We have a system that has a weak mayor but I’m not a weak woman, so I’m not going to be a weak mayor.”

Ideas for growing jobs/population: Proposes creating a new city position focused on growing jobs and linking them with appropriate training programs. Would like to reinstate an industrial development commission to lure more manufacturing jobs.

Suggested cuts/efficiencies: Says with few areas left to cut she is more interested in growing the tax base. Also wants to streamline services such as animal control and public works.

 Written by Eric Roper, photography by Jeff Wheeler