If you haven't heard, there's an election Tuesday. Educate yourself on races up and down the ballot by going to the Star Tribune's MyVote app. Though it's an off-year for city elections, there are still races piquing local interest. Education reporter Steve Brandt has been tracking the four school board seats up for grabs, only two of which are contested. The hottest race is District 4, where candidate Josh Reimnitz has already blown past the fundraising record in his race against Patty Wycoff. The independent spending in the race also has both campaigns crying foul. Brandt lays out the basics of all four seats:

In the race to replace Mark Stenglein in Hennepin County Commissioner District 2, which covers a swath of the North Side, longtime state Sen. Linda Higgins is running against political newcomer Blong Yang.

Minneapolis voters will also find two Hennepin District judge races on the ballot: Marc Berris faces Lois Conroy, and Steven Antolak is running against Elizabeth Cutter.

Fear not - the candidates for the three contested Hennepin Soil and Water supervisor races have all provided information to the Star Tribune's MyVote app, so if you're not a devoted watcher of soil politics in Hennepin County, your vote can still be rooted in knowledge.