Twin Cities 7 Day
Here's a look at the 7 day forecast for the Twin Cities, which looks a bit chilly as we head into the week ahead. High temps from Tuesday to Friday will only warm into the 40s, which will be below by nearly -10F for this mid October. With that said, enjoy Sunday's milder weather with highs in the 60s.
Sunday's Weather Outlook
High temps on Sunday will be fairly mild across the region with readings 50s and 60s across the state, which will be nearly +5 to +10F above average for some. It looks like we'll start off with sunshine, but the day will turn grayer as clouds move in ahead our next weather maker. Rain will slide during the overnight hours and could last into Monday.
Weather Outlook Late Week

Here's the weather outlook from midday Sunday to midday Tuesday, which shows our next storm system swirling through the region. It appears that much of the day Sunday will be dry, but rain showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder will arrive into the evening or overnight hours. Scattered rain showers look to continue on Monday and perhaps through the first half of Tuesday. Winds will also pick up significantly on Tuesday with wind gusts nearing 40mph!

Precipitation Potential Through AM Tuesday
Our next storm system that is forecast to blow through the region will have the potential of dropping quite a bit of moisture. According to NOAA's NDFD, there could be some widespread 1"+ tallies across much of central and northeastern MN with some of the heaviest falling across the Arrowhead.
2 Weeks Until Daylight Saving Time
Believe it or not, we are only 2 weeks away until daylight saving time. This year it will occur on Sunday, November 3rd. The good news is that we will have more daylight in the morning, but less light when you get home from work and school. The sunset in the Twin Cities on Saturday, November 2nd is at 6PM, but on Sunday, November 3rd, it will be around 5PM. By the way, the earliest sunset in the metro is 4:31PM during the first couple of weeks of December.
Fall Colors Peaking!
One of my favorite things about fall is the the beautiful display of color that nature provides. Take a look that this picture from the Mille Lacs Kathio State Park that Sandy Hackenmueller snapped on October 8th. According to the MN DNR, much of the northern half of the state is already passed peak and with the winds as strong as they were on Friday, a lot of those leaves have been falling to the ground. We will have another strong wind day coming up on Tuesday, so more leaves will raining down over the coming days.
MN Fall Color Update
According to the MN DNR, the latest fall color report suggests the northern half of the state are already passed peak, while the Twin Cities has yet to get into peak color. The fall colors will go fast, espeically with the expected strong winds on Tuesday. Enjoy the fall color while you can!
Typical Peak Color Across the State

According to the MN DNR, peak color typically arrives across the far northern part of the state in mid/late September, while folks in the Twin Cities see peak color around mid October. It's hard to believe, but the fall color is almost gone.


How Does Weather Effect the Leaves?

Did you know that weather has a big impact on the fall color? Weather conditions that are either too wet or too dry can lead to premature displays or even dull, muted color displays. The best weather would be a warm, wet summer that gives way to sunny, cool fall days. Read more below:


Minnesota Crop Progress & Condition - October 15th

"Corn dented or beyond was 98 percent, 2 weeks behind the 5-year average. Sixty-six percent of corn was mature, 20 days behind last year and 2 weeks behind normal. Corn harvested for grain reached 5 percent, 17 days behind last year and 13 days behind the average. Corn harvested for silage reached 78 percent this week, 2 weeks behind average. Corn condition was rated 52 percent good to excellent, declining from the previous week. Ninetytwo percent of soybeans were dropping leaves, 2 weeks behind last year and 10 days behind normal. Nineteen percent of the soybean crop has been harvested, 16 days behind average. Soybean condition was rated 53 percent good to excellent, declining from the previous week." 
Average First Frosts of the Season Nearing...

Looking back at the last 30 years of data at the MSP Airport, the average first frost (32F or colder) is October 12th.  The Twin Cities got close on the 12th, but only dropped to 33F. The earliest frost was on September 20th back in 1991, but the latest was November 18th in 2016. Last year, our first frost was on October 11th.


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