Here's how far we've come in four-plus decades, sports fans:

*Tickets to Super Bowl I were considered wildly expensive at $12 a pop.

*Tickets this year are roughly $600-2,000 ... but you'll probably be paying more on the secondary market. BUT: Don't sell that kidney just yet! If you belong to a select group, for the low price of $200, you can attend the Super Bowl. But you'll have to pretend you're on one big couch because you can't really watch the game in the sense that most people attending live sports would imagine.


If you want to attend Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium but can't get a ticket, the league is giving some Cowboys fans a chance.

The NFL will sell a $200 ticket to the game, but it comes with a catch. Fans will have to sit on the grass on the East Side of the stadium and watch the game on the huge outside HD TV screens.

"We've never done this before," Brian McCarthy, the NFL's vice president of corporate communications, said Wednesday.

The offer has been extended to Cowboys Club Seat season ticket holders, and must be purchased in blocks of four. Those who purchase the block of tickets receive a free parking pass, four Super Bowl programs and four scarves.

Oh, there will be scarves? Well, sign us up. But seriously: $800 to watch the game from the grass? Not even if the modern day Vince Lombardi ends up coaching in it.

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