So this Royce White situation keeps getting messier and messier. The former Minnesota prep standout and one-time Gophers signee (he never played a game here) was a first-round pick, of course, of the Rockets in the most recent NBA draft. From there, however, things took a bad turn. He's been dealing with an anxiety disorder and has yet to take the court for the Rockets. It seemed like the sides might have a plan in place to get him into the mix ... until Sunday, when he released this statement after the Rockets tried to send him to their D-League team:

"I have chosen to not play, because the doctors and I believe it to be unsafe for unqualified Rockets front office personnel to make medical decisions, as they are not mental health professionals. I do wish to play, but I only intend to do so with the collaboration and recommendation of trained professionals. The purpose of a doctor's confirmation is to ensure that health decisions are made in the sole interest of health and not conflicted with business. My only hope is that decision makers involved realize that doctors are the only logical source to decide action."

We have no idea how this whole thing will play out. It is messy, complicated ... and so many other things.

Our question to you, the dear readers, is this (we suppose): What is your take? That is to say, who do you think needs to budge first here? Does White need to give it a go in the D-League and see how it impacts his mental health ... do the Rockets need to, as he suggests, take a less traditional approach to roster moves with White ... or do the two sides just need to go their separate ways and figure out a financial settlement?

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