We have plenty of pet peeves when it comes to sports. Fans who only complain about strategies when they backfire? Near the top of the list. Same goes for the assumption that points a team could have scored (but didn't) earlier in a game could somehow be magically applied to the current or final score of a game. That sounds convoluted. An example: If David Akers hadn't missed those two field goals, the Eagles would have defeated the Packers 22-21. FALSE. The entire complexion of the game would have changed. And everything that would have happened after each field goal would have been different. Also near the top of the list.

But the biggest thing -- and really, it should be a small thing -- is when people give a score with the smallest number first. Unless we're talking about tennis or some other sport where there is a reason for giving the smaller number first, there is absolutely no excuse for it. It drives us nuts. And it's one of the reasons we can't watch the beer commercial below without cringing/going bonkers:


As a mid-day talker, though, we ask: What are your biggest sports pet peeves?


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